HPC Advisory Subgroups

High-performance computing provides an invaluable role in research, product development and education. Over the past decade, HPC has migrated from supercomputers to commodity clusters. More than eighty percent of the TOP500 HPC installations in November 2009 were clusters. The driver for this move is a combination of Moore's Law (enabling higher performance systems at lower costs) and achieving best cost/performance and power/performance.

Once the domain of scientists and researchers, HPC has moved deeper into the enterprise and cloud computing marketplaces due to its unparallel performance, productivity, efficiency and ROI. HPC components enable faster database queries and data management, faster and more scalable cloud provisioning and maximize the overall systems efficiency.

The HPC Advisory Council has formed special interest subgroups to review, explore and experience future potential trends and solutions that include commodity HPC components and solutions.

HPC|Scale Subgroup

This group's mission is to explore usage of commodity HPC as a replacement for multi-million dollar mainframes and proprietary based supercomputers with networks and clusters of microcomputers acting in unison to deliver high-end computing services.

HPC|Cloud Subgroup

This group's mission is to explore usage of HPC components as part of the creation of external/public/internal/private cloud computing environments.

HPC|Works Subgroup

This group's mission is to provide best practices for building balanced and scalable HPC systems, performance tuning and application guidelines.

HPC|Storage Subgroup

This group's mission is to demonstrate how to build high-performance storage solutions and their affect on application performance and productivity. One of the main interests of the HPC|Storage subgroup is to explore Lustre based solutions, and to expose more users to the potential of Lustre over high-speed networks.

HPC|AI Subgroup

The HPC|AI subgroup will focus on key technologies, frameworks and methodologies that influence and deliver maximum performance. It will provide a forum for collaboration that will help ease the understanding, development and deployment of machine learning solutions.

HPC|Music Subgroup

HPCmusic is an advanced research project about High Performance Computing and Music Production dedicated to enable HPC in music creation. Its goal is to develop HPC cluster solutions that further enable the future of music production.