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About the Student Cluster Competition Leadership List

The Student Cluster Competition Leadership List is a collaborative project by the HPC-AI Advisory Council and Gabriel Consulting Group. The leadership list ranks the student cluster teams per their participations and achievements in the various annual competitions (including the ISC Student Cluster Competition, SC Student Cluster Competition and the regional competitions such as the APAC competition and more) since 2007. The Leadership List acknowledge the team's effort and recognize the universities HPC and AI leadership, technologies that are the key enablement for research, product development and scientific discoveries.

There are four lists, worldwide, Americas, Asia-Pacific, and EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa). The ranking points are given according to the following scoring guide:

  • Gold Medal (Overall Championship) - 2 points
  • Silver Medal (Second Place) - 1 point
  • Bronze Medal (Third Place) - 0.5 points
  • Highest LINPACK Award - 1 point
  • Fan Favorite - 0.5 points and
  • Participation in a Cluster Competition - 0.5 points (Each competition a team participates in, contributes to the overall team score)

Competition Standing Lists