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Proposal submission is now open, submissions will be accepted until November 12, 2021 (midnight PST).

Proposal for Participation


A complete team (up to six students and two advisors) must be designated at the time of submission for participation. Teams must prepare the following:

    • Team members including the year which the students enrolled in the educational institution
    • Biographies, personal and group pictures are strongly encouraged
    • Educational Institution name and logo to be added
    • Team Captain information (Name, address, phone number, email) responsible for distributing information to all team members
    • Why are you participating?
    • Why do you believe that you have put together a winning team?
    • What sorts of diversity in skills does your team possess?
    • Why will your team work well together?
    • What experience do you and your team members have?
    • How will your team work together to tune and optimize the application set?
    • General overview of your desired cluster hardware and software configuration (i.e. nodes, cores, memory, interconnect, operating system) -> Not relevant for virtual competition
    • For the showcase period of the conference, what demonstrations do you anticipate to impress and attract conference attendees?
    • Explain the commitment of the institution to educating the broader student community about the usefulness and the accessibility of High Performance Computing at your institution
    • Explain how cluster computing is integrated in the educational curriculum of the proposing institution
    • Do you have HPC cluster on your educational institution to practice the benchmarks?

Proposal Submission Form:





* Upload PDF proposal: proposal_title.pdf (4MB Max)


* What is 4 + 8?