Each team must provide all requested information on or before posted deadlines.

Team Profile

Team Submissions must be contain complete information, for the entire team and for each individual participant team member and advisor(s).
Each Team member should add their Name and T-Shirt Size, as well as the team name, email, social handle, team photo, logos, T-Shirt color. A Form will be sent to each team to fill.

To submit the team profile, Click here. Please fill out this form (one form per team).

Team Presentation

Team overviews (*.ppt) will be sent to the management comittee to introduce ISC attendees to participating students taking part in the competition. It should include information about each team member including advisor, sponsors and highlight the team’s unique configuration for the competition. Use the HPCAC Team presentation template to submit. In addition, you will be required to prepare a ppt presentation showing the work you have done and steps taken to show the judges.

Team Interview

The teams will have online interview (detailed announcements will be sent). The teams will need to present their work and results. Use the HPCAC Team interview template for that.