Day One | Wednesday, 05 May

13:00   Opening Remarks   Hussein Harake &
Gilad Shainer
13:15   Welcome
CSCS Swiss National Supercomputing Centre (CSCS)
  Michele de Lorenzi
13:30   Keynote: Designing High Performance Scalable Middleware for HPC/AI Exascale Systems and Clouds
The Ohio State University
  DK Panda
14:15   Community Catalyst: FirecREST: RESTful HPC
CSCS Swiss National Supercomputing Centre
  Juan Pablo Dorsch
14:45   HPCXXL: NERSC Overview
National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center, LBNL
  Ravi Cheema
15:30   Visionary Perspectives: Citizen Scientist Powered Folding@home Combats COVID-19 Pandemic with First Exascale Computer
Washington University School of Medicine
  Greg Bowman
16:00   Recap & Day 2 Preview   Gilad Shainer & Hussein Harake

Day Two | Thursday, 06 May

13:00   Opening Remarks   Hussein Harake
13:05   Keynote: Cloud Native Supercomputing
HPC-AI Advisory Council
  Gilad Shainer
13:50   HPC Impact: CICD Pipeline for HPC SW Development
CSCS Swiss National Supercomputing Centre
  Tomas Aliaga
14:20   HPC Impact: Open Smart Network Application Programable Interface (OpenSNAPI) Project
UCF Consortium
  Gil Bloch
14:50   Community Catalyst: Enabling High-Performance Cost-Effective InfiniBand Architectures with Slim Fly Topologies
ETH Z├╝rich
  Maciej Besta
15:20   Industry Perspectives: Market Trends & Analysis
Intersect360 Research
  Addison Snell
16:00   Wrap Up   Gilad Shainer & Hussein Harake



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