Day One: Thursday, 23 September, 2021

13:30-13:45   Kick-off
HPC-AI Advisory Council
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  Brian Sparks & Gilad Shainer
13:45-14:05   Welcome:
Pawsey Supercomputing Centre
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  Mark Stickells
14:05–14:45   Keynote: Enabling Big Data and Computing Outcomes for Australian Science
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  Kelsey Druken
14:45–15:15   Industry Insights: HPC Market Analysis
Intersect360 Research
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  Addison Snell
15:15–15:45   Community Catalyst: Community’s Influential Role in STEM Success
Pawsey Supercomputing Centre & SiGHPC Education
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  Ann Backhaus
15:45–16:15   HPC Impact: Reaching Zero Carbon Footprint in HPC Operations
LUMI, CSC IT Center for Science
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  Pekka Manninen
16:15-17:00   Endnote: Designing Scalable HPC, Deep Learning, and Cloud Middleware for Exascale Systems
The Ohio State University
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  DK Panda
17:00   Recap:   Brian Sparks & Gilad Shainer

Day Two: Friday, 24 September, 2021

13:30   Kick-off
HPC-AI Advisory Council
  Brian Sparks
13:35–14:20   Keynote: HPC Virtual Laboratory: AI/ML for Weather and Climate Science CSIRO
  John Taylor
14:20-14:50   HPC Impact: Developing and Adapting Scientific Software for GPUs at CSCS
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  Benjamin Cumming
14:50-15:20   Community Catalyst: SmartSim: Open Source AI Framework for Accelerating Integration of Machine Learning and HPC Simulation
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  Alessandro Rigazzi
15:20–15:40   HPC Impact:
Setonix – Solving for an Array of Scientific Problems “Quikka’ with a New Species of HPC Systems
Pawsey Supercomputing Centre

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  Ugo Varetto
15:40–17:00   Endnotes: Quantum Futures
15:40-16:10   Accelerating Quantum Circuit Simulations with cuQuantum
  Sam Stanwyck
16:10-16:50   Quantum Computing: the AWS perspective
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  Simone Severini
16:50–17:00   Q&A  
17:00   Recap   Brian Sparks & Gilad Shainer




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