Competition Details

The competition includes four parts:

Part 1 – Artificial Intelligence – BERT Natural Language Processing Application

Benchmark Guidelines

Part 2 – High-Performance Computing – NEMO Climate Simulation Application

Benchmark Guidelines

The HPC-AI Advisory Council and the National Supercomputing Centre Singapore have joined the global fight against the COVID-19 virus, and have dedicated part of the competition to foster education specifically towards bio-science simulations and innovations for accelerating research and discovery. Part 3 and Part 4 of the competition include:

Part 3 – High-Performance Computing – NAMD Bio-Science Application

Benchmark Guidelines
NAMD Introduction

Part 4 – Open Innovation

Teams are tasked to research, find and choose an HPC or AI application that can potentially be used as part of the global fight against COVID-19. Teams must demonstrate testing and benchmarking of the application, as well as explain how this application can be accelerated.

Competition Scoring
Part1: AI BERT Application 35% Performance: 25%
Interview: 10%
Part 2: HPC NEMO Application 25% Performance: 20%
Interview: 5%
Part 3: HPC NAMD Application 25% Performance: 20%
Interview: 5%
Part 4: Open Innovation 15%
Total Score 100%