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Day One | Tuesday, 20 February, 2018

9:00-9:05   Welcome
Stanford High Performance Computing Center
HPC-AI Advisory Council
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  Steve Jones & Gilad Shainer
9:10-9:55   Keynote: The Sierra Supercomputer, Science and Technology on a Mission Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
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  Adam Bertsch
10:00-10:25   Industry Insights: Making Machine Learning Compute Bound Again
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  Liran Zvibel
10:30-11:10   Keynote: Designing HPC, Deep Learning and Cloud Middleware for Exascale Systems
The Ohio State University
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  DK Panda
11:15-11:45   Industry Insights: State of Containers
Docker Inc.
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  Christian Kniep
11:50-12:20   Best Practices: SpaRC: Scalable Sequence Clustering using Apache Spark
DOE Joint Genome Institute, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
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  Zhong Wang

Brown Bag BoF: "HPC for the rest of us..." Are you operating a small to medium sized HPC Center? Interested in how others are managing resources with open source tools and low risk/low overhead hardware? Questions about academic service centers and cost recovery models? Or just want to talk shop with other center managers and admins?

Join a lunch-time chat, share stories from the trenches, ideate on innovative and interesting ways to manage resources, share experiences, or bring your own topics … we’re open to discussing anything HPC for the rest of us!
13:15-13:50   Best Practices: Linear Coherent Laser Source (LCLS-II): The Next Generation World-leading Free Electron Laser, its capabilities, challenging data transfer requirements, and progress to meeting them.
SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
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  Les Cottrell
13:55-14:20   Industry Insights: Sharing High-Performance Interconnects Across Multiple Virtual Machines
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  Mohan Potheri
14:25-15:00   Best Practices: Porting Scientific Research Codes to GPUs with CUDA Fortran: Incompressible Fluid Dynamics Using the Immersed Boundary Method
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  Josh Romero
15:00-15:15   Break
15:20-16:00   Best Practices: Advances in the Legion Programming Model
Stanford University, Dept. Computer Science, Legion Research Group
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  Elliott Slaughter, Wonchan Lee, Todd Warszawski, Karthik Murthy
16:05-16:35   Market Analysis: HPC Computing Trends
Intersect360 Research
  Chris Willard
16:40-17:15   HPC Hot Seat
Moderator: TBA
17:00   Recap and Day 2 Preview   Steve Jones & Gilad Shainer
17:30-19:00   Twilight Tutorial: Containers
Docker Inc.
Christian Kniep

This tutorial provides a detailed overview of the components needed to run containerized applications and explores how distributed HPC applications can be tackled. We’ll explain the concept of Linux Containers and describe the bits and pieces participants will explore following step-by-step examples.

The workshop will introduce the predominant forms of orchestration in the industry; what problems they solve and how to approach the problem. Attendees will explore the benefits and drawbacks of orchestrators first hand with their own small exemplary stack deployments.

Finally the workshop will introduce how HPC and Big Data workloads can be tackled on-top of these service-oriented clusters.
  Christian Kniep

Day Two: Wednesday, 21 February, 2018

9:00   Welcome   Gilad Shainer & Steve Jones
9:05-9:50   Visionary Perspectives:
An Uber Journey in Distributed Deep Learning
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  Alex Sergeev
9:55-10:30   Best Practices: Big Data Meets HPC - Exploiting HPC Technologies for Accelerating Big Data Processing
The Ohio State University
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  DK Panda
10:35-11:15   Best Practices: First Experiences with Parallel Application Development in Fortran 2018
Sourcery Institute
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  Damian Rouson
11:20-12:00   Industry Insights: High Availability HPC ~ Microservice Architectures for Supercomputing
Providentia Worldwide
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  Ryan Quick
12:00-13:00   Lunch
13:05-13:30   Best Practices: Analytics Development Life Cycle: Pangea is Panacea
HCL America
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  Satya Sai Prakash, Kanakadandi
13:35-14:05   Best Practices: The Secrets of Revolutionary Performance and Scalability for HPC and Artificial Intelligence
Mellanox Technologies
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  Scot Schultz
14:10-15:00   Tutorial: Deploy Serverless TensorFlow Models using Kubernetes, OpenFaaS, GPUs and PipelineAI
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  Chris Fregly
15:00-15:15   Break
15:20-16:00   Community Catalyst: Accelerating HPC Applications on NVIDIA GPUs with OpenACC PGI Compilers & Tools, NVIDIA
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  Doug Miles
16:05-16:45   HPC Impact: Living Heart Project ~ Using High Performance Computing in the Cloud to Save Lives
Living Matter Lab, Stanford University
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  Burak Yenier
Francisco Sahli
16:50-17:30   End Note: (The annual) Outlook on Hot Technologies
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  Shahin Khan
17:30   Raffle & Wrap Up   Steve Jones & Gilad Shainer



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