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9:00-9:10 Opening session: HPC Advisory Council activities (Gilad Shainer, HPC Advisory Council)
9:10-9:20 Opening session: The Spanish Supercomputing Network (Sergi Girona, Barcelona Supercomputing Center)
9:20-10:05 Keynotes: The Future of MPI (Dhabaleswar K. (DK) Panda, Ohio State University)
10:05-10:50 rCUDA 4: GPGPU as a service in HPC clusters (Antonio J. Peña, Technical University of Valencia Spain, and Rafael Mayo, Jaume I University Spain)
10:50-11:05 Coffee break
11:05-11:50 The Co-Design Architecture for Exascale SHMEM, PGAS and MPI (Todd Wilde, Mellanox)
11:50-12:10 Do theoretical FLOPs matter for real application's performance? (Joshua Mora, AMD)
12:10-12:30 Gold Sponsorship session (Dell)
12:30-13:30 Lunch
13:30-13:50 Gold Sponsorship session (Panasas)
13:50-14:10 Gold Sponsorship session: Trends in High Performance Computing: Towards Exa-scale by Evolution or Revolution? (Dr.-Ing. Frank Baetke – HP Global HPC Technology Programs, HP)
14:10-14:40 The European Technology Platform in the area of High-Performance Computing (Marcin Ostasz, Barcelona Supercomputing Center)
14:40-15:10 Programing models for heterogeneous computing (Manuel Ujaldon, University of Malaga)
15:10-15:40 Dataflow Computing for Exascale HPC (Veljko Milutinovic, University of Belgrade, Oliver Pell, Maxeler Technologies)
15:40-16:10 Quantum Computer Simulations using Supercomputers (Francisco R. Villatoro, University of Malaga)
16:10-16:25 Coffee Break
16:25-16:55 Multiresolution Parallel Programming with Chapel (Vassily Litvinov, Cray)
16:55-17:25 The Mont-Blanc project (Alex Ramirez, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya)
17:25-17:55 Main benefits of task parallel frameworks (Rafael Asenjo, University of Malaga)
17:55-18:00 Adjourn and Prize Raffle