HPC Advisory Council Case Studies

The HPC Advisory Council provides opportunities for its members to collaborate on various HPC initiatives that showcase real-world multi-vendor product demonstrations, education and outreach, and more. The HPC Advisory Council is encouraging members and HPC users to suggest other potential candidates for future case studies.

Case Study: RADIOSS Benchmark Underscores Solver’s Scalability, Quality and Robustness

A benchmark study conducted by the HPC Advisory Council analyzed RADIOSS 12.0 to determine its performance and scaling capabilities on a modern high performance computing (HPC) cluster. The study also investigated potential avenues for optimization. In addition to summarizing the Council’s findings, this white paper also presents an overview of RADIOSS features and capabilities that support the software’s scalability, quality and robustness.

Case Study: PayPal's usage of HPC and InfiniBand as presented at ISC Big Data 2013

The presentation highlights PayPal's capabilities of performing fraud detection in real-time due to its high-performance, InfiniBand-based data center infrastructure.

Case Study: Interconnect Analysis: 10GigE and InfiniBand in High Performance Computing

There is a large number of HPC applications that need the lowest possible latency for best performance or the highest bandwidth and there are some HPC applications that are not latency sensitive. In order to determine the influence of different interconnect technologies, in particular InfiniBand and Ethernet, the HPC Advisory Council have tested many of the most used HPC application and the results are provided in this article. The article helps explain when and where 10GigE or InfiniBand interconnect are more appropriate for HPC users.

Case Study: European’s Largest 40Gb/s Network Demonstration at ISC’09

At this year’s International Supercomputing (ISC’09) conference, the HPC Advisory Council sponsored and managed the Europe’s largest 40Gb/s Network demonstration. The network was highlighted by the Remote Desktop over InfiniBand (RDI) demonstration from Scalable Graphics. The demonstration showed a unique capability of sharing desktops among multiple users, in real time and with the highest visualization.

Case Study: HPC Advisory Council Brings Cluster Computing to Torrey Pines High School

One of the key challenges for America’s economic future is to provide advanced educational opportunities for the next generation of leaders. Throughout the country, high schools offer advanced mathematics classes, and students are eager to learn how to apply the latest computer and software technology to real-world problems in engineering, math, life sciences, and economics. Now, the HPC Advisory Council has contributed to these efforts by providing hardware, software, and guidance on the use of an advanced cluster computing
system to Torrey Pines High School in San Diego, California. With the power of advanced cluster-based computing at its disposal, the Advanced Topics in Math class at Torrey Pines High School has significantly expanded its field of exploration.

Case Study: HPC Advisory Council Demonstrate 40Gb/s Network at SC08

SCinet is the ultra high- performance network provided for show exhibitors at the supercomputing show each year, and it is used to demonstrate the latest technologies
and applications that are driving the state of the art in high-performance computing. The Council saw the SC08 show as a perfect showcase for its efforts, and solicited participation from its members to provide the SCinet network. The demo involved a real-time rendering
of a Boeing 777 model in 3D. HPC Advisory Council members provided all of the equipment for SCinet at SC08.

The demo was one of the highlights of the SC08 show, both because of the image visualization being shown as well as the possibilities of the high-performance compute, storage, and interconnect technologies used to create it. The Boeing 777 rendering provided a real-world example of how HPC technology could be used in manufacturing, oil and gas exploration, and many other commercial applications.

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