An HPC-AI Online Webinar

Date: March 24, 2020
Time: 9:00-11:00 Singapore Time

This webinar was the pre-conference for the 2020 HPC-AI competition where we discussed the HPC and AI technology trend, introduced the competition programs and optimization direction, as well as competition experience sharing from the previous winner.


Time Subject Speaker
9:00-9:05 Opening
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Brian Sparks
Director of Worldwide Operations, HPC-AI Advisory Council
9:05-9:15 Technology Innovations for Smart Supercomputing
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Gilad Shainer
Chairman, HPC-AI Advisory Council
9:15-9:25 NSCC Singapore Supercomputer Introduction
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Stephen Wong
Technical Director of National Supercomputing Centre Singapore
9:25-9:55 Building the Software Foundation for HPC and AI
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Dr. Dhabaleswar Panda
Professor, Ohio State University
9:55-10:15 How to Use RDMA to Accelerate HPC and AI
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Gil Bloch
RDMA Programming Instructor, Hebrew University of Jerusalem & Ben Gurion University
10:15-10:25 NLP/BERT Introduction
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Timothy Liu
NVAITC Research Associate , NVIDIA
10:25-10:35 NEMO Introduction
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Gerardo Cisneros-Stoianowski
HPC Application Performance Specialist , HPC-AI Advisory Council
10:35-10:50 HPC-AI University Competition Adventure
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Dr. Chi-Hsiu Liang
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Taiwan National Cheng Kung University
10:50-11:00 Close and Announce the HPC-AI Competition Launch Date
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Qingchun Song
Chair of HPC Advisory Council, Asia