Scoring and Awards


The following awards will be given:


The highest score received for the LINPACK benchmark under the power budget. Results of LINPACK must be turned in at the end of the first day.

Fan Favorite

To be given to the team which receives the most unique votes during the SCC.

1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Overall Winners

There will be 3 overall winner awards given to the teams that are determined by the scoring of the below. The scoring for the overall winners will be calculated using the scores from HPCC, the chosen applications, and the interview by the SCC board.


• 10% HPCC
• 10% HPCG
• 10% ChaNGa
• 10% Elmer
• 15% Coding Challenge
• 10% Secret Application
• 25% AI task
• 10% for interview by the representatives of the SCC board

Penalty Points

Crossing the 3KW Power limit will cause penalty points for the team.
For the first day (HPL, HPCG, HPCC) we allow 2 power limit crosses without penalty points, more than that will cause the teams penalty points.
The rest of the days, penalty points will be given for each cross of the power limit.