Tuesday, 26 January, 2021

14:00-14:05   Opening
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HPC-AI Advisory Council
  Mr. Masaki Iwatani
14:05-14:20   The HPC-AI Advisory Council Mission And Activities
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HPC-AI Advisory Council
  Mr. Gilad Shainer
14:20–14:40   HPC and AI Middleware for Exascale Systems and Clouds
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Ohio-State University
  Dr. Dhabaleswar Panda
14:40-15:00   HPC for AI & AI for HPC, time to meet together
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Tsukuba University
  Professor Taisuke Boku
15:00-15:20   Introduction of PC Cluster Consortium And Activity
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Chairman Of PC Cluster Consortium
  Professor Mitsuhisa Sato
15:20-15:25   PCCC & HPC-AI AC Collaboration Announcement   Gilad Shainer & Mitsuhisa Sato
15:25-15:30   Break
15:30-15:50   HPC And AI Sharing From University Of Tokyo
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University Of Tokyo
  Professor Toshihiro Hanawa
15:50–16:10   Overview of SQUID and ONION
Osaka University
  Dr. Susumu Date
16:10-16:30   Fujitsu Lab HPC And AI Technology
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Fujitsu Laboratory
  Mr. Kouta Nakashima
16:30-16:50   ABCI: A Supercomputing System for AI research
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AIST (National Institute Of Advanced Industrial Science And Technology)
  Mr. Shinichiro Takizawa
16:50–16:55   Q&A
HPC-AI Advisory Council
  Mr. Masaki Iwatani
16:55-17:00   Closing
HPC-AI Advisory Council
  Mr. Masaki Iwatani


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