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Proposal for Participation


A complete team (up to six students and two advisors) must be designated at the time of submission for participation. Teams must prepare the followingA complete team, includes students and advisors. Teams must prepare the following:

    • Team members full name, including the year which the students enrolled in the educational institution
    • Biographies, personal and group pictures are strongly encouraged
    • University & Institution name and logo
    • Team Captain information (Name, phone number, email) responsible for distributing information to all team members
    • Why are you participating?
    • What sorts of diversity in skills does your team possess?
    • What experience do you and your team members have?
    • What's your team competition plan?

Proposal Submission Form:

Full Name:


Company / University / Research Center:


Phone number:

* Upload PDF proposal: proposal_title.pdf (4MB Max)
  • 1. Full name of all team members
  • 2. Team introduction
  • 3. Team competition plan


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