Need To Know


The competition is open to students from universities and technical institutes. Complete team (students and a coach) must be designated at the time of submission for participation. Teams must prepare and submit a proposal which includes the following:

  1. Team members, including the year which the students enrolled in the educational institution
  2. Biographies (Individual and group pictures are strongly encouraged, but not mandatory)
  3. Educational institution logo (both .jpg and .eps formats)
  4. Point of contact information (Name, address, title/position, phone number, email), the person responsible for distributing information to all team members
  5. Why are you participating?
  6. Why do you believe that the team you put together is a winning team?
  7. What diverse skillsets does your team possess?
  8. What experience do you and your team members have?

Please note the following rules:

  1. There is no limitation on the number of students per team
  2. Students can be undergraduate or graduate
  3. The HPC-AI Advisory Council will determine the participating teams according to their submission details
  4. The HPC-AI Advisory Council is not liable for any costs and expenses incurred by the participants in the preparation or presentation of the project
  5. The HPC-AI Advisory Council may disqualify teams based on failure to complete the competition’s tasks, or other reasons
  6. The HPC-AI Advisory Council will determine the winning teams based on their achievements, presentations and other factors
  7. Participants shall submit their source code and other required documents in accordance with the submission deadline.

For any questions, please contact