During the competition Messages, Questions and answers will be discussed using a Slack channel. We advise at least one team member to join via this link

Once you do that, please edit your name to be “My Name (team name/university)” so we will know who this person is. It will be nice to add a photo as well to your slack profile.

Another way to ask a question is to contact us or submit the following form below.

FAQs From Past Competitions
1. Is it possible to replace team members after submission?
– Yes

2. Is the competition also open for non-academia research institutes?
-  Yes

3. Is it possible to have more than one coach for a team?
-  Yes

4. Is it possible to have more than one team from an institute? Can two teams share the same coach?
-  Yes and Yes

5. Will coaches receive any certificate / recognition? Will non-wining teams receive any certificate / recognition / honorable mention?
-  All teams members will receive a certificate for their participation

6. We need to send the Educational Institution logo (in .jpg and .eps format) along with our proposal. What is the process of sending those?
-  Once we finalize the list of competing teams, we will contact the teams to provide the logo. If there is a link to download the logo, please include it in the proposal.

7. What is the exact time of the submission? On the website, only a date is provided.
-  It is the end of the day (at any time zone).

8. Will the HPC-AI Advisory Council give the students training, especially the new participants?
-  Yes. HPC-AI Advisory Council will arrange the training for students to help them to understand the application, and will provide them reference guidelines on how to optimize the application.

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