Marking the year’s collaborations and virtual conferences finale, on behalf of the Council and DiRAC we hope you enjoyed the 2020 UK Conference! In addition to the presentations archived here, replays of all of the leading experts’ and the contributed talks featured on the second annual agenda are also available on our HPCAIAC YouTube Channel.

Complimenting the UK, have a look at all of the other virtual and live postings too… the year’s and our first all-remote Stanford Conference, the inaugural Australia Conference sessions, plus playlists from all of the previous live conferences and collaborations. All openly accessible to anyone and available for everyone’s viewing pleasure anytime.

And as 2020 nears the end, finally and thankfully, we want to express our gratitude for the generosity of your time, this year and throughout. Your support of the Council, its members, collaborations and ongoing mission is truly gracious and deeply appreciated, thank you!

Best wishes to you, yours & all, always!




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