Remote Cluster Connectivity

This year, the National Supercomputing Center (NSCC) Singapore has graciously provided us with a cluster to use during the competition, which we will utilize via an online remote cluster configuration. Please refer to NSCC documentation to get familiar with the environment. You don't need to apply for access, as we will supply each team a user account.

Competition Input Files

The input files, and possibly other instructions on running each application’s dataset, will be given at the beginning of the competition to each team via a network folder. Teams will need to be familiar with the benchmark applications to understand the typical dataset and the runtime I/O requirements in order to come up with a good benchmarking test.
To prepare, we expect teams to build the applications and run a few benchmarks to get familiar with each application and dataset to discover their characteristics.


For this year’s competition, we have created the new, point-based “Innovation” category. Teams that will be able to showcase their innovation throughout the competition will be awarded points in this category. For the applications, the team can use any of the communication libraries and user-level software. If teams want to modify the application algorithm to improve performance and be able to show results, the teams will gain points accordingly. The committee will need to ensure that the changes are valid and the application is not harmed in the process. The teams will be required to submit their code changes to the committee as early as possible for review and approval.