Session Guide and Speaker Biographies

Day One: Tuesday, 01 September, 2020

11:00-11:15   Eye Opener
HPC-AI Advisory Council
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  Brian Sparks & Gilad Shainer
11:15-11:30   Welcome:
NCI Australia
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  Sean Smith
11:30–12:15   Keynote:
High-Performance Deep Learning and Machine Learning on Modern HPC Systems
The Ohio State University
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  DK Panda
12:15–12:45   HPC Impact:
Live Tour
NCI Australia
  Chris Wilkinson
12:45–13:15   Community Catalyst: Application of High Performance Computing in CMA
China Meteorological Administration
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  Bin Wang
13:15–13:45   HPC Impact:
Tsunamis in Australia: HPC for Hazard Assessment
Geoscience Australia
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  Gareth Davies
13:45–14:30   EndNote:
The Supercomputing Data Centre of the Future
National Supercomputing Centre (NSCC) Singapore
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  Tan Tin Wee
14:30   Recap   Brian Sparks & Gilad Shainer

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Day Two: Wednesday, 02 September, 2020

11:00-11:05   Eye Opener
HPC-AI Advisory Council
  Brian Sparks & Gilad Shainer
11:05–11:50   Keynote:
AI for Science
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  Katherine Yelick
11:50–12:20   Community Catalyst:
Combining High-Fidelity CFD and Machine-Learning to Better Predict Flow in Jet Engines
University of Melbourne
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  Richard Sandberg
12:20–12:50   Community Catalyst:
Unified Communication Framework Consortium – State of the Union
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  Pavel Shamis
12:50–13:20   HPC Impact: Future of Scientific Computing
NCI Australia
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  Allan Williams
13:20-14:05   EndNote:
Supercomputing to the Rescue: HPC/AI Market Update
Intersect360 Research
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  Addison Snell
14:05   Wrap-up   Brian Sparks & Gilad Shainer



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