Day One: Monday, 10 April, 2017

9:00-9:10   Opening Remarks   Hussein Harake & Gilad Shainer
9:10-10:00   Visionary Perspective: Foundations of Cognitive Computing
IBM Research Zurich
  Costas Bekas
10:05-10:45   Keynote: High-Performance and Scalable Designs of Programming Models for
Exascale Systems
The Ohio State University
  DK Panda
10:45-11:00   Sponsor Networking Break
11:00-11:20   Industry Insights: A Fresh Look at High Performance Computing
Huawei Enterprise
  Francis Lam
11:25-11:55   Best Practices: A PCIe Congestion-Aware Performance Model for Densely Populated
Accelerator Servers
  Maxime Martinasso
12:00-12:30   Best Practices: rCUDA Technology: Improvements Toward a Production Ready Software
Technical University of Valencia
  Federico Silla
12:30-13:30   Sponsor Networking Lunch
13:30-13:50   Industry Insights: High End HPC architecture with Bull Sequana X1000
  Marc Simon
13:55-14:25   Best Practices: dCUDA: Hardware Supported Overlap of Computation and Communication
ETH Zurich
  Torsten Hoefler
14:30-15:10   Best Practices: Introduction to Deep Learning
  Zaikun Xu
15:10-15:25   Sponsor Networking Break
15:25-16:05   Best Practices: OpenCAPI: A New Standard for High Performance Memory, Acceleration and Networks
  Jeffrey Stuecheli
16:10-17:30   The Road To Exascale   Panel
18:00 - 19:30  

Twilight Tutorial: Getting Started with Deep Learning
Mellanox Technologies

DLI Workshop Attendee Instructions
Create a qwikLABS account by going to prior to getting to the conference. Ensure qwikLABS runs smoothly on your laptop by going to Make sure that WebSockets work for you by seeing under Environment, WebSockets is supported and Data Receive, Send and Echo Test all check Yes under WebSockets (Port 80). If there are issues with WebSockets, try updating your browser.
Best browsers for qwikLABS are Chrome, FireFox and Safari. The labs will run in IE but it is not an optimal experience.

You must bring your own laptop to this workshop.

  Scot Schultz
Gunter Roeth

Day Two: Tuesday, 11 April, 2017

9:00-9:05   Eye Opener   Hussein Harake & Gilad Shainer
9:05-9:55   Keynote: NIBR Scientific Computing
  Nick Holway
10:00-10:30   Best Practices: Big Data Meets HPC - Exploiting HPC Technologies for Accelerating
Big Data Processing
The Ohio State University
  DK Panda
10:30-10:45   Sponsor Networking Break
10:45-11:05   Industry Insights: The Computer That Could Be Smarter than Us - Cognitive Computing
  Ingolf Wittmann
11:10-11:50   Tutorial: Recent Advances of Deep Learning
  Zaikun Xu
11:55-12:30   Industry Insights: In-Network Computing
Mellanox Technologies
  Richard Graham
12:30-13:30   Sponsor Networking Lunch
13:30-13:50   Industry Insights: Deep Learning on SaturnV Cluster
  Gunter Roeth
13:55-14:25   Best Practices:
Spack: A Package Manager for Supercomputers, Linux and MacOS
  Massimiliano Culpo
14:30-14:50   Industry Insights: HPC Strategy Update
  Luigi Brochard
14:55-15:25   Best Practices: Deep Learning on Intel Xeon Phi
  Claire Bild
15:30-16:00   Tutorial: Using EasyBuild and Continuous Integration for Deploying Scientific
Applications on Large Scale Production Systems
  Guilherme Peretti-Pezzi
16:00-16:15   Sponsor Networking Break
16:15-16:35   Industry Insights:
  Jean Thomas Acquaviva
16:40-17:10   Best Practices: Scalable Systems for Distributed Deep Learning – Benchmarking, Performance Optimization and Architectures
  Gaurav Kaul
17:15-17:45   Best Practices: Tracing Marketplace Innovations Using Big Data on HPC Clusters
  Gilles Fourestey
17:50-18:20   Industry Insights: HPC and Hyperscale Trends for 2017
  Michael Feldman
18:30-?   Seven @ Seven  

Day Three: Wednesday, 12 April, 2017

9:00-9:05   Eye Opener   Hussein Harake & Gilad Shainer
9:05-9:55   Industry Insights: OpenStack from the Basics to Production Experiences on Jetstream
Indiana University
  David Hancock & Mike Lowe
10:00-10:20   Industry Insights: Integration Partnerships Help: GPU-SPHEROS Takes Off
Groupe T2i
Lionel Clavien
Siamak Alimirzazadeh
10:20-10:35   Sponsor Networking Break
10:35-10:55   Best Practices: Application Profiling at the HPCAC High Performance Center
HPC Advisory Council
  Pak Lui
11:00-11:30   Industry Insights: Future of HPC Storage on the Path of Exascale and AI
  Gabriele Paciucci
11:35-12:05   Tutorial: SPACK: The Daily Job of a User (and a Packager)
  Massimiliano Culpo
12:05-13:05   Sponsor Networking Lunch
13:05-13:35   Best Practices: HPC Workload Efficiency and Challenges for System Builders
  Martin Hilgeman
13:40-14:10   Best Practices: Fabriscale Monitoring System
Fabriscale Technologies
  Tor Skeie
14:15-15:00   Tutorial: OpenStack
  Saverio Proto
15:00-15:15   Sponsor Networking Break
15:15-15:35   Industry Insights: 10 Things You're Wrong About in HPC
  Rich Brueckner
15:40-16:10   Industry Insights: High Performance Interconnects – Assessments, Rankings and Landscape
  Dan Olds
16:15-16:45   Best Practices: HPC Workflows Using Containers
  Dr. Lucas Benedicic & Dr. Felipe A. Cruz
16:50-17:40   End-note: OpenStack and the Software-Defined Supercomputer
  Stig Telfer
17:40   Raffle & Wrap Up    



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