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The University of Colorado

The University of Colorado

Team CU from left to right - Dane Larsen, David Johnson, Joe Burns, Erik Kahn, Christopher Lindholm and Doug Smith.

Dane Larsen - (Computer Science-Senior) I'm interested in high-performance realtime graphics, networking and game design. I enjoy programming, reading and travelling. I've visited France, Japan, Thailand, Singapore and Australia. I plan to continue my education with a Masters degree in CS.

David Johnson - (Electrical and Computer Engineering- Junior) I am interested in integrated circuit design. I enjoy reading and movies.

Joe Burns - (Copmuter Science-Senior) I am focusing largely on super computing as well as the large scale side of scientific computing while working on my degree. I spend most of my free time either reading or playing my guitar. I am glad to be a part of this competition.

Erik Kahn - (Computer Science-Senior)I have particular interest in High Performance Computing, Computer Systems Architecture, and Artificial Intelligence (machine learning and computer problem solving specifically). In addition to my interest in Computer Science, I genuinely love working with all things mathematics. Upon graduation, I plan to go to graduate school to focus more on my interest in Artificial Intelligence.

Christopher Lindholm - (Comuter Science-Senior) I am a senior at the University of Colorado Boulder studying Computer Science and Atmospheric Science. I am planning to pursue a physics degree and study electrical phenomenon in planetary atmospheres. I enjoy astronomy, photography, and functional programming languages.

Doug Smith - (Faculty Team Adviser) I am the Network and HPC systems architect for the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics at The University of Colorado. I enjoy Scientific computing and network engineering.