The HPC Advisory Council is also a community effort support center for HPC end-users, providing the following capabilities:

The HPC Advisory Council Members of the Board

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HPC Advisory Council Chairman

Gilad Shainer -
Gilad Shainer is an HPC evangelist that focuses on high-performance computing, high-speed interconnects, leading-edge technologies and performance characterizations. Mr. Shainer holds an M.Sc. degree (2001, Cum Laude) and a B.Sc. degree (1998, Cum Laude) in Electrical Engineering from the Technion Institute of Technology in Israel. He also holds patents in the field of high-speed networking.

HPC Advisory Council Media Relations and Events Director
Brian Sparks -
Brian Sparks is responsible for the promotion, education, and outbound communication of the HPC Advisory Council's activities, workshops, conferences and events. Mr. Sparks is an active contributing member in the network interconnect community. Currently, Mr. Sparks is a steering committee member of ISC’14 Student Cluster Competition. Previously, Mr. Sparks chaired both the InfiniBand Trade Association's and Open Fabrics Alliance’s Marketing Working Groups. Mr. Sparks hold a B.S. Communication Studies from San Jose State University. 

Director of the HPC Advisory Council, Asia
Tong Liu -
Tong Liu is responsible for application performance characterization and benchmarking with high-speed interconnects. Before joining the HPC Advisory Council, Mr. Liu was a senior software design engineer at Hewlett-Packard where he led distributed data warehouse development. Prior to HP, he was a systems engineer and advisor in the Scalable Systems Group at Dell Inc. He has published more than 20 publications in the High Performance Computing field. Mr. Liu holds a M.Sc. degree in Computer Science from Louisiana Tech University.

HPC Advisory Council China Events Manager
Blade Meng-
Blade Mengis is responsible for organizing the HPC Advisory Council's events and press engagements in China. Before joining the council, Mr. Meng served as executive editor at ZDNet China, focusing on products and technologies around server, processor, virtualization, cloud computing, data centers and high-performance computing. Prior to ZDNet, he was the editor at IT168, focused on enterprise product and technologies, and also served as administrators of ChinaUnix and ITpub which are two famous media outlets in the Chinese technical community. Skilled in Internet marketing and social networking, Mr. Meng graduated from Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications.

HPC Advisory Council HPC|Works Special Interest Group Chair and Cluster Center Manager
Pak Lui -
Pak Lui is responsible for application characterization, profiling and testing. Before joining the HPC Advisory Council, Mr. Lui was a cluster and software engineer, responsible for building and testing different configurations and environments. Mr. Lui hold a B.Sc. in Computer Systems Engineering and a M.Sc. in Computer Science from Boston University

HPC Advisory Council Director of Educational Outreach
Scot Schultz –
Scot Schultz is a technology specialist with broad knowledge in operating systems, high speed interconnects, processors technology, clustering and applications characterizations such as bioinformatics, electronic design, engineering, entertainment & media, financial services, and oil & gas. Scot is also a board member of OpenFabrics Alliance and the HyperTransport consortium, among many others.

HPC Advisory Council Programming Advisor
Tarick Bedeir -
Tarick Bedeir is an HPC software engineer with Schlumberger, currently developing software for high-speed interconnects.  Bedeir holds a B.Sc. and an M.Sc. in computer science, and has been working in HPC for over four years.

HPC Advisory Council HPC|Scale Special Interest Group Chair
Richard Graham –
Richard Graham has been at ONRL since Jan, 2007 and is the Group Leader for the Application Performance Tools group in the Computer Science and Mathematics division at ONRL, and is a Distinguished member of the Research Staff.  Prior to joining ORNL he spent eight years at ORNL serving in a range of technical and managerial roles, leaving as the acting group leader for the Advanced Computing Laboratory.  He is currently chairman of the MPI Forum, and is leading the MPI-3 effort.  He led the LA-MPI development effort, and is one of three founders of the Open MPI project. Dr. Graham received his PhD in Theoretical Chemistry from Texas A&M University in 1990, and a BS in Chemistry from Seattle Pacific University in 1983.

HPC Advisory Council HPC|GPU Special Interest Group Chair
Sadaf Alam –
Sadaf Alam is a computer scientist at the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre (CSCS), Switzerland.  She is a member of the Scientific Computing Research group where she leads programming environment for future HPC systems tasks.  She has a PhD in computer science from the University of Edinburgh, UK.

HPC Advisory Council Director of India Outreach and Education
Goldi Misra –
Goldi Misra is currently the Chief Technology Officer (I.T.) at Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, (IISER), Pune. (An Autonomous Institution under Ministry of HRD, Government of India). Prior to joining IISER, he was the Head of High Performance Computing Solutions Group at C-DAC, Pune responsible for HPC solutions enablement and deployments across the globe. He also serves as a consultant to numerous Government & Research organizations, has 25 research publications in the field of HPC and is a co-author of two books on Networks & HPC. Goldi has more than 15 years experience in the field of HPC & Enterprise IT and holds a Bachelors of Engineering (Electronics) from Pune University, India.

Director of the HPC Advisory Council Switzerland Center of Excellence and HPC|Storage Special Interest Group Chair
Hussein Harake –
Hussein Harake is an HPC System Manager. He has been working for the Swiss National Super Computing Center (CSCS) for over 9 years and has been a frequent contributor to different HPC projects. In the last 3 years he was involved in implementing different Cray XT systems, most recently the XT5 22K cores and 211Tflops. Hussein also leads the central file storage and the high speed network (InfiniBand) implementation projects at CSCS.

HPC Advisory Council HPCmusic Special Interest Group Chair
Antonis Karalis –!contact/c1yrx
Antonis Karalis is an audio engineer, systems architect and composer working on cutting-edge music and sound technologies. His work is focused on R&D around digital signal processing, architectural acoustics , psychoacoustics, advanced sound metrics, GUI, analogue audio and discrete-time systems. He holds a B.Sc. (Hons) Audio Engineering (2007) from De Montfort University in the United Kingdom and a B.Sc. in Marine Biology and Oceanography (2003). He is currently working on an advanced research project for enabling HPC in music creation and reproduction.