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The world’s highest resolution visualization system (NASA)

Colfax International

The power to visualize highly complex information in a way that’s easier for the human mind to grasp is now available with the new NASA hyperwall-2 system, located in the NASA Ames Research Center.

The hyperwall-2 system consists of 128 screens and is capable of rendering one quarter billion-pixel graphics making it the world’s highest resolution scientific visualization and data exploration environment. The system enables scientists to quickly explore datasets that otherwise would take many years to analyze such as safety of new space exploration vehicle designs, atmospheric re-entry analysis for the space shuttle, earthquakes, climate change, global weather and black hole collisions.

The system is powered by Colfax’s advanced computing cluster, which consists of 128 graphics processing units and 1,024 AMD processor cores, and provides 74 teraflops of peak processing power. Mellanox ConnectX InfiniBand DDR 20Gb/s adapters interconnect the cluster nodes to supply the needed fast communication capabilities.

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The news from the International Supercomputing Conference

Last week, Mellanox launched the new InfiniBand QDR 40Gb/s silicon solution, with an incredible number of vendors showing demos in their booths, running applications from ANSYS Fluent and Scalable Graphics: Appro, Bull, HP, Intel, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, Supermicro, TYAN, and Voltaire all participated. Mellanox hosted a special cocktail to celebrate 40Gb/s InfiniBand, which was the highlight of the first day (Tuesday).

Gilad Shainer celebrating InfiniBand QDR with Prof. Dr. Hans Meuer

Picture: Gilad Shainer celebrating InfiniBand QDR with Prof. Dr. Hans Meuer
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Providing a robust and well balanced set of technologies

Providing a robust and well balanced set of technologies that delivers superior performance and scalability is what today’s savvy users demand. I would like to applaud Mellanox for taking the initiative to establish the HPC Advisory Council, as well as inviting AMD as one of the founding members. Interoperability and standardization across technologies that drive the highest performing solutions is key in successful adoption by the industry users.  

Scot A. Schultz

Senior Strategic Alliance Manager
High Performance Computing

Windows HPC Server 2008 Beta 2 is Here

Microsoft logoWhew! Friday at 2:18PM we signed off on Beta 2 of Windows HPC Server 2008. It’s a good thing too since the Redmond team is looking at the first sunny and hot Northwest weekend this year. Mother nature usually gives us these days on weekdays. It’s been a hard push since November when we shipped our last beta. Since then we’ve done test runs on a cluster with over 1000 nodes, fixed over 1000 bugs, coded a bunch of new features, and made a bunch of design changes based on customer feedback. For example, one beta customer was using our new WCF Broker for financial risk modeling but wanted a totally reliable messaging solution. We built a solution leveraging MSMQ that still provides high throughput while allowing for reliable messaging.

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