Making it meaningful …

It is indeed the most wonderful time of the year! Everyone’s readying for time with dear and near ones. At the HPCAC we’re busy getting ready for next year …

Mark your calendars, make your plans, submit topics and get registered! We’ll kick-off the New Year with the Stanford Conference, 07-08 February and if you haven’t heard, read or divined we’re accepting submissions for the Stanford Conference through the end of this month. Thanks to everyone who has submitted already, look for that notification shortly! We head over the Alps to Lugano for the Swiss Conference, 10-12 April. The deadline to submit proposals for the Swiss Conference is 02 February. And keep in mind that early bird registration ends on 31 January so get registered early to take advantage of the reduced registration fee. Conference dates, locations, etc., for the China and Spain conferences will be shared separately. Judging from the year in review the event horizon ahead promises to be exceptional … and that is all … thanks to you … ALL!!!
As we wind down 2016 … what a year it was for me, my first with the HPCAC!
I close 2016 filled with gratitude! Thank you for your support of our efforts – as conference sponsors, presenters, attendees and hosts; as our community champions liking, following, posting, sharing extending our reach further, with more influence and impact than we’ve ever seen in our history! As student teams competing in the SCC and RDMA competitions, to you, all of your team sponsors, advisors, supporters and academic institutions for encouraging your participation and to the ISC Group, our brilliant bunch of SCC collaborators and the many friends of HPCAC who package, produce, promote, post, survey, tweet, tout, volunteer, judge, share and so much more … Thank you for your help on all of the things that connect us as ‘community’.
Much like an award nominee struggles with ordering honorary mentions I too grappled with the notion of rolling credits. I want to list everyone, by name, all first – particularly since this was an entire year of firsts for me. Since that’s not realistic … I start with our wonderful hosts, by name! Thank you … Steve, Vi, Pamela and Stanford HPCC, Hussein, Tatjana, Michele and CSCS, David, Marta, Rosa, Sergi and BSC! Thank you for being wonderful hosts and amazing collaborative partners! I learned a lot, have a lot to learn still but appreciate all of you, immensely and can’t wait to do it again in just a few short weeks and months from now!
And while I won’t call all of you out by name, thank you to our brilliant line-up of SMEs who gave us your time, insights and expertise. You are all divine and I look forward to the next opportunity to gather and learn more ~ you did see the deadlines for submissions, right? Serendipitous I think! Huge thanks to all of our attendees all over the world and to everyone who sacrificed time, to travel, learn and contribute. I hope you will plan to join us again in the coming weeks ~ registration is open.
Of course none of this would be possible without the support of our HPCAC members whose generosity sponsored these opportunities throughout the year. Thank you to everyone who drove the sponsorships for championing the program within your organization and to your organizations as well! Thank you all … Bright Computing, Colfax, Cycle Computing, DDN, Dell, Huawei, iFlytek, Intel, IBM,, JZ Tech, Mellanox, Megvii, NVIDIA, Ombibond, Panasas, The Portland Group, Rescale, SGI, Seagate, Sensetime, Sugon, Supermicro, ThinkParq … and to our media and industry partners ChinaByte, DOIT, GCG, HPCWire, insideHPC, Intersect360 Research, McMahon Consulting,, The Next Platform, TechTarget,, China … Thank you all for making 2016 remarkable! And if I made a glaring omission, I hope you will forgive … it was one of the fastest years I’ve ever experienced. A whirlwind!
There’s a couple of people that do get called out specifically … Pak and David, my HPCAC cohorts! I wish I could give them more than a simple shout out because a thanks relative to everything they do ‘around here’ is hardly sufficient. What’s more … they do everything with a smile, still and always. They suffer me well and are about the most wonderful humans on the planet! I believe they are actually able to leap tall buildings with a single bound! Thank you fellas, for everything! I appreciate you!
I would also be remiss if I didn’t give a thanks to the extended team of creative folks who shall continue to remain nameless. Thank you for taking care of the website, updates, pages, printing, ghost writing and editing, signage, printing, shipping, logistics, finance, etc. … pretty much every day it’s all y’all that I love!
Last but certainly not least is the Chairman. Himself. I missed the award presentation for outstanding leadership, but hey, there’s the picture anyway! It really was a huge nod and awesome! Given the list of nominees … I mean you talk about the who’s who in HPC. Thanks to everyone who gave your vote for our Chair! I believe it was a well-deserved, hard-earned, long overdue recognition … more so now based on what I’ve observed over the last year in terms of travel, work, etc. That’s actually one of the reasons for being here. It’s such a privilege to collaborate with someone like Gilad, who has the same passion for this crazy amazing thing we all do … it makes it all worth it … gives it meaning!

And that is sort of what my year has been … meaningful … thanks … to ALL OF YOU! And thanks to all of you … I look forward to more … so get ready!

Wishing you and yours ~ joy!