The immediate event horizon & HPCAC happenings across the world.

Six months into my role with the HPC Advisory Council and … I am ‘lovin it’. Great to love what you do, it’s why you do it .

The first two annual conferences in partnership with Steve Jones and the Stanford High Performance Computing Center and Hussein Harake and the Centro Svizzero di Calcolo Scientifico (CSCS) were exceptional! That’s from feedback received from hundreds of attendees not just anecdotal from me. Success is thanks to our generous member sponsors, gracious hosts, exceptional experts and awesome attendees! In fact we’ve already set the 2017 schedule for both – so mark your diaries!

On the more immediate event horizon there’s a ton going on – across the world.

Our STEM student competitions are growing – in participation and awareness! It’s pretty amazing to be part of a program squarely focused on the future and our future workforce, underscoring our primary education and outreach mission and that is in fact making a profound difference. Worldwide.

On the home front Pak Lui is gearing up for Germany and the fifth Student Cluster Competition (SCC). SCC has become a key part of the annual ISC – The HPC Event – thanks to the ISC Group and another truly collaborative partnership! And thanks to Pak’s leadership! His commitment to teams over the last eight plus months and dedication to the competition throughout the last five years has challenged students to learn – plus they learn from a master! In just over a week 12 international teams congregate at this worldwide championship where he’ll challenge their capabilities and award their accomplishments. It’s a model that works so well it inspired follow-on competitions. Come meet Pak and the teams, experience the competition and spend some time with us during ISC! And it’s never too late to consider partnering with us to help sponsor our future!

Speaking of student competitions, we also recently announced the kick-off of this year’s RDMA Programming Competition being held in China through October. Now in its third year, our own Tong Liu, Director of the HPC Advisory Council Asia, leads the RDMA competition he started in 2013 with just over 20 teams. Last year more than 50 teams participated from different universities and colleges throughout China. With the 2016 competition underway it promises even greater interest and participation given the focus on deep learning and the attention it’s garnered from some major deep thinkers and doers! Check it out!

As for the more immediate event calendar and your radar.

Beyond ISC I am still determining the possibility of an alternate plan to the annual Brazil conference held each August. Returning as initially planned was its own challenge on top of competing with the Summer Olympics. August is now so near … time flies! If I can determine a ‘plan b’ I’ll let you know.

What I am happy to share is the official call for contributed talks for the 5th Annual BSC/ HPCAC Spain Conference in September. This year’s conference will take place in León in the Northwest of Spain at Parador San Marcos on 21 Septiembre – following the 10th Annual RES conference. More information and agenda will be posted over the coming months. For now … submit a session proposal, become a sponsor , you can even register! Just get ready to explore HPC and experience history – simultaneously!

Capping our collaborative event calendar, as you read in the RDMA Programming Competition announcement, we plan to host our China 2016 conference in Xi’an in October. Please add that to your schedules as well! I am excited to experience the conference, the competition – and China! I am certain to learn a lot from the competitions impressive list of expert advisors, HPCAC peers and members on the other side of the pond. Several firsts for me and very amazing!

So that’s a recap of where we’ve been, are and where we’re headed! Before you head out for ISC and summer holiday I wanted to give you a heads-up for planning – and welcome our newest and thank all of our HPCAC members! It’s pretty staggering to be sitting in this seat … it’s an impressive group doing amazing things! Truly my honor!

Thanks to all of you for your support and for everything you do!

Til the next …