Xyratex engineers HPC Data Storage Solution

About two years ago, we initiated an investigation into new market opportunities for Xyratex. During this investigation we learned that the High Performance Computing (HPC) market was a dynamic market opportunity with a substantial need for better data storage design. We also discovered that the way data storage was being implemented at many of these supercomputing sites was unduly complicated in terms of initial installation, performance optimization and ongoing management. Users had to contend with days and possibly weeks of tweaking to get the system up and running stably. After this initial installation period was complete, the ongoing management of the system was also complicated by varied and disjointed system and management tools. Often administrators would have to contend with debug scenarios that required the application of scarce resources and ultimately the sub optimal performance of their HPC system.

We were surprised at these findings and saw a lot of opportunity for Xyratex to deliver new innovation in terms of performance, availability and ease of management. Xyratex decided to make a significant investment in addressing these needs. This investment included the acquisition of ClusterStor, but didn’t stop there. We have nearly 150 engineers working on the program and we developed a brand new high density application platform that is optimized for performance and availability. Finally, we developed a new management framework that addresses the complexity issues we found in the management of HPC storage clusters.

Today, we announced the ClusterStor™ 3000. This release is the result of that significant investment over the last two years and provides our partners with an innovative new solution for the HPC marketplace. We leveraged our core capabilities, in data storage subsystem design and the Lustre expertise we obtained in the ClusterStor acquisition last year, to develop an HPC solution that provides the best-in-class performance, scale out architecture and unprecedented ease of management.

Ken Claffey, Xyratex