Platform Computing and Instrumental Extend Strategic Partnership to Advance High Performance Cloud Computing for Government Sector

As U.S. government agencies and departments evaluate the potential cost savings, service level improvements and greater resource utilization offered by various cloud computing models, there is a recognized need for a technology-agnostic platform that can support and integrate legacy, heterogeneous HPC environments while also managing a wide-range of hardware, operating systems and virtual machines. In order to maximize prior technology investments, government agencies must invest in technologies that prevent vendor lock-in and that work with multiple types of operating systems.

With that, I wanted to draw your attention to a partnership between Platform and Instrumental to advance High Performance Cloud Computing for the Government Sector.  The partnership enhances Platform’s global service capabilities and gives users an end-to-end, full service solution that maximizes the value of Platform’s private cloud management and HPC cloud-enabling software solutions, Platform ISF and Platform ISF Adaptive Cluster.  The full press release can be seen here

Dave Ellis
Principal Technologist
Instrumental, Inc.