IEEE Cluster 2009

The HPC Advisory Council participated in the “Workshop on High Performance Interconnects for Distributed Computing (HPI-DC’09)” part of the IEEE Cluster 2009 conference. Several members (Joshua More from AMD, Jeff Layton from Dell, and me) presented research results on “Scheduling Strategies for HPC as a Service (HPCaaS)”. You can find the presentation under the Content page/conference at the HPC Advisory Council main page.

The workshop was well organized by Ada Gavrilovska (Georgia Tech) and Pavan Balaji (Argonne National Lab) with the help from Steve Poole (Oak Ridge National Lab). Other interesting sessions were given by Nagi Rao (ORNL) on wide area InfiniBand, James Hofmann (Naval Research Lab) on Large Data project, Hari Subramoni (The Ohio State University) on InfiniBand RDMA over Ethernet (LLE) and others.

The next council event is the HPC China workshop. More data on the workshop is posted at –

Gilad Shainer HPC Advisory Council Chairman