The Cluster Center in its new location

Recently, we have moved the cluster center to a new location. In the new location (Sunnyvale, CA) we have now enough power and space to accommodate more systems and new technologies.

The HPC Advisory Council has received two new systems from Dell, AMD and Mellanox Technologies. The first system is a 24-node Dell™ PowerEdge™ SC 1435 24- cluster, loaded with Quad-Core AMD Opteron™ Model 2382 processors (“Shanghai”) and Mellanox® InfiniBand ConnectX® HCAs and switches. The system has been operational for couple of months already and is being used for the HPC Advisory Council’s Best Practices work and also available for end-user access.

The second one is a Dell™ M1000e blade system. It was just received and will be operation shortly. The system will be used for extending the HPC Advisory Council’s capability to provide resources for end-user benchmarking, HPC outreach, research activities on applications productivity, and bringing green computing to high-performance computing.

On the behalf of the HPC Advisory Council, I would like to thank Dell, AMD and Mellanox Technologies for providing the systems.

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Gilad Shainer (HPC Advisory Council Chairman), Brian Sparks (HPC Advisory Council Media Relations Director) and Tong Liu (HPC Advisory Council Cluster Center Manager) at the HPC Advisory Council Cluster Center.

Gilad Shainer with the new M1000e system