How to maximize HPC application performance, productivity and power/job?

This is the main issue HPC end-users are dealing with on a daily basis. No matter if it is a weather research application, automotive crash simulation, oil and gas reservoir modeling or quantum chemistry, achieving better productivity and reducing power consumption per simulation are important issues that influence research capabilities and commercial vendor competitiveness.

One of the main focuses of the HPC Advisory Council is to provide answers and guidelines for those questions. The HPC Advisory Council has been working the past few months (and will continue to do so) on providing best practices for application optimization across the HPC market. The HPC Advisory Council recently published information on weather research (WRF application) in English and Chinese, and on quantum chemistry (CPMD). Shortly, we will post information on automotive crash simulations (LS-DYNA), Oil and Gas (Eclipse) and bioscience (NAMD). I would like to thank the vendors and organizations (alphabetic order: AMD, CPMD, Dell, LSTC, Mellanox Technologies and Schlumberger) and the individuals (John Michalakes and Sharan Kalwani) that have contributed their time to support this large effort.

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The HPC Advisory Council is welcoming end-users requests on other applications and cases that are of an interest. To submit a request, please send an email to

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Gilad Shainer, HPC Advisory Council Chairman