Getting ready for Supercomputing Conference – Part 1

It is only the beginning of September, but our activities for the November Supercomputing conference have started. During the conference we will have our first face-to-face meeting. The meeting will be followed by an industry event and a full dinner – another good reason to be there. For further information please send a request to

I am pleased to inform you that our proposed session on the HPC Advisory Council – “The HPC Advisory Council Initiative” has been accepted to SC’08.  SC’08 received over 140 submissions and only about 50 slots available.  The Session has been scheduled for Thu., Nov 20 at 12:15PM – 1:15PM. You can see the details at – Many of the members will be presenting their view and contribution to the council, and how end-users can benefit from it.

Another exciting activity will be the SCinet 40Gb/s network demonstration. Many vendors booth will be connected via InfiniBand 40Gb/s network to demonstrate the biggest 3D visualization demo on the show-floor. The demo will show a distributed 3D stereo visualization of the Boeing 777 model. We invite all members of the council and other members of the HPC community who exhibit on the show floor to contact for more details.

Boeing 777 Demo View

Gilad Shainer
Chairman of the HPC Advisory Council