Appro InfiniBand 40Gb/s demonstration at the International Supercomputing Conference

Last week, we have featured the first InfiniBand QDR 40Gb/s based cluster on the show floor at the 2008 International Supercomputing Conference in Dresden Germany. We have captured the demo and the Mellanox IB 40Gb/s announcement in this cool video below.

The video shows the Appro Xtreme-X1 Supercomputer cluster, utilizing Mellanox ConnectX QDR adapters and the new Mellanox QDR 36-port switch (InfiniScale IV) running ANSYS/Fluent airplane structure application. We found this solution to provides a powerful, easy to manage supercomputer that reduces latency while significantly improving bandwidth and performance.

Appro Xtreme-X1 Supercomputer cluster
Steve Lyness
Vice President of HPC Solutions

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